Enrollment 2023 on the HorizonNational Enrollment Projections and the Role of California
NSSE Presentation Part I: A Primer - [Video]2017 NSSE Presentation to campus, September 2017
NSSE Presentation Part II:  The Faculty View2017 FSSE Presentation to campus, November 2017
NSSE Presentation Part III:  The Diverse Lens2017 NSSE Presentation to campus, December 2017
Data MetamorphosisPresented to the GI2025 Symposium, San Bernardino CA October 2017
Our Story by the NumbersPresented at the URPC Retreat, Fall 2017
Architecting SuccessOne Campus' Story Aligning Strategic Planning with Accreditation Expectations.  Presented to the Academic Resource Conference, April 2017.
Informing Change through DataRetention, Graduation and Student Success.  Presented at the Student Success Summit, December 2016.
Institutional Effectiveness:  Actionable Intelligence to Support Student SuccessPresented to the Executive Vice Chancellor, November 2016
Asking Better QuestionsMoving from "Disaggregating Data" to "Producing Actionable Intelligence".  Presented to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities winter meeting, February 2016.
Strategic Plan Gap AnalysisStrategic Planning Surveys, Presented to University Senate, April 2015
Fostering Student Success at HumboldtConnecting Strategies.  2015 Presentation to campus.