January Data Viz
featured image for data visualization

Data visualization is a broad term that refers to describing data visually for the purposes of displaying a difference, a change, a relationship, an outlier, etc. Often a collection of visualizations are placed onto a dashboard. While there is a roaring debate about what a dashboard is, IRAR uses the Wexler, Shaffer, and Cotgreave (2017) definition that “a dashboard is a visual display of data used to monitor conditions and/or facilitate understanding.”

Monitoring conditions refers to streaming real-time data across a dashboard that is automatically updated at regular intervals, as frequently as every minute or second of the day. Data on students, however, are updated fairly infrequently and at irregular intervals, typically after major deadlines such as census (official count of student enrollment), end-of-semester grades, and degree conferral.

Thus, according to Wexler, et al., IRAR dashboards primarily serve to facilitate understanding.

Since 2013, IRAR has utilized leading analytics and business intelligence software (as ranked by Gartner) to develop and deliver stunning data visualizations to facilitate understanding.