Data on Demand

Institutional Research, Analysis, and Reporting receives ad hoc data requests from faculty, staff, students, and community members. These requests range from simple lists of students fitting various criteria to complex multi-year analyses. Each request is evaluated to ensure compliance with FERPA and university polices, and requests for data analysis are further evaluated based on university needs and IRAR's capacity and resources.

To request data, please fill out a data request form. Requests are responded to within five business days.


On-Demand Data (ODD)

In addition to submitting special requests for data, faculty and staff also have the ability to generate their own datasets in PeopleSoft.  This reporting tool generates data files containing information about specific populations of students. For a variety of privacy and security reasons, IRAR does not post disaggregated or sensitive data online. To access these data, the secure option is to use an ODD job. Staff and faculty who want more information about submitting an ODD job from Campus Solution should refer to this how-to guide.

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