Meet the Team

Michael Le, M.A., Director

(707) 826-5489
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Michael Le M.A. also known as Michael ‘Data’ Le is a higher education researcher by day, but by night, he is a data junkie with a passion for visual analytics and sharing information to create a data-informed democracy. Mike has worked in the field of Institutional Research/Effectiveness for almost a decade in both public 2-year and 4-year institutions.

At Humboldt he serves on the Accreditation Steering Committee and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. Most recently, he served the university as an elected staff senator, chair of the University Senate Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC), and was a member of the Academic Policies Committee.

Mike regularly presents at the state and national level on behalf of Cal Poly Humboldt and professional affiliate organizations. He has won the California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Best Presentation Award three times (2015, 2017, and 2018) and has been an invited speaker at the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), and Tableau Software Conference.

Mike maintains professional membership in CAIR and AIR and serves on numerous volunteer committees. He currently serves AIR on the eAIR Visual Display of Data Contributor (2015-present) and the CAIR on the Awards and Scholarship Committee (2019-present).

Outside of Humboldt, Mike serves as a research consultant for the Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges and as the co-curator of TEDxHumboldtBay. When Mike is not crunching data and learning about new technology and techniques you can find him in the gym applying the fundamentals of powerlifting. He boasts personal records of a 615-lb. back squat, a 555-lb. deadlift, and a 345-lb. bench press.


Matthew Koelling, Analyst/Programmer

(707) 826-4230

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Gay Hylton, Research Analyst

(707) 826-5340

Gay's responsibilities are legion. She coordinates university community surveys and tracks external and internal survey data requests, monitoring deadlines and soliciting required data from key providers. She coordinates the university's IPEDS responses; screens, tracks, and provides data for all requests across the institution; compiles and provides data analysis for special collections such as accreditation; publishes data and analysis commentary, and maintains secondary historical data collections for IRAR.


Jeff Stebbins, Analyst/Programmer

(707) 826-3522

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Sky McKinley, M.S., Analyst/Programmer

(707) 826-5334

Sky comes to Institutional Effectiveness via Information Technology Services and the Financial Aid Office at Cal Poly Humboldt. His primary responsibilities include the development and maintenance of the Strategic Data Repository data warehouse, producing projection models and forecasts, and engineering analytic objects to facilitate reporting. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Humboldt and a Master's degree in Mathematics from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. When not busily coding at work, he can be found cycling around Humboldt County, backpacking in the Trinity Alps, or performing with the Blue Lake Choir.


Seth Bradley, Research Technician

(707) 826-5081

Seth has close ties to Cal Poly Humboldt and the local community. Both of his parents are Humboldt alumni and he grew up in Arcata before earning a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Humboldt. Since first enrolling in 2006 Seth has worked on campus, first as a student employee and then as auxiliary staff at the Humboldt Bookstore. In 2013 he joined the Dean of Students Office, where he assisted the Dean's team in supporting students as they navigated the university experience. His first taste of data came when he started tracking caseload numbers for internal use and federal reporting. After starting graduate coursework pursuing a Master's degree at Humboldt in Public Sociology (Practicing Track), Seth realized he wanted to shift trajectories and work more closely with data. Joining the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in June of 2019, Seth brings his student and equity centered lens, and is now working in various capacities within the Office of Institutional Effectiveness as he learns the ins and outs of Institutional Research, Assessment, and the wider world of data - as well as providing administrative support for the office.



Retired and Previous Office Members


Lisa Castellino, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of IE 

John Filce, Associate Director of Institutional Research

Amy Moffat, Ph.D., Associate Director for Institutional Assessment

Mark Wicklund, Ph.D., Associate Director of Academic Assessment

Angela Rich, M.A., Research Analyst

Ward Headstrom M.S. - Retired

Joshua Smith, M.A. Change Management Coordinator

Ronda Stemach, Data Administrator