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With the merger of OIE and EDM teams, IRAR operates two data warehouses. The information below describes the Strategic Data Repository (SDR) and not the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Updated information is coming.

The role and scope of data available and how they are effectively managed are key components in any IE office. At Humboldt, we have two distinct types of data management, operational and analytical. While OIE handles both types of data, its primary function is serving the university's analytical needs. Through its Strategic Data Repository (SDR), OIE routinely maintains and refines its data models to support ever-increasing and expanding needs for analyses crossing multiple types of data. The SDR was created in 2007, but it contains student data dating back to 1990.

Humboldt Consolidated DW infographic


Strategic Data Repository Wiki

Contains technical and user documentation on the features and specifications of the SDR.

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