Institutional Assessment

Assessment at Humboldt occurs systematically at institution, division/MBU, and program/department levels, and initiatives designed to address institutional changes are assessed as well.

Assessment at Institution Level

Institutional-level assessment occurs via a campus-wide integrated assessment model that supports organizational planning, decision making, and resource allocation. Generally, institutional-level assessment answers questions like, How well is the university fulfilling its mission and goals? How well is it implementing its strategic plan? How will we use assessment findings to help the university achieve its goals? Where are the gaps that suggest needs for resources? How can assessment findings feed into a university-wide model that helps us address retention and graduation rates and achievement gaps?

Assessment at Division and Major Budget Unit (MBU) Level

Assessment at the division and MBU levels is tied to accountability and improvement. Its primary goal is to identify the extent to which we are doing what we say we are doing. Generally, division- and MBU-level assessment answers questions like, How do program/departmental activities contribute to the success and effectiveness of the division/MBU? How well is the division/MBU supporting the university’s mission, goals, and strategic plan? How can assessment findings be used to further continuous improvement? Are departments properly resourced to achieve their goals?

Assessment at Program/Department Level

Assessment at the program/department levels is tied to continuous improvement and program development. Generally, program/department-level assessment answers questions like, Are programs/departments providing the services they should provide? Are departments achieving their missions and goals, and, if so, how and to what extent? Are departments properly resourced to achieve their goals? How can assessment findings from one year be incorporated into continuous improvement in the following year? What is the impact of services on stakeholders/clients? What is the impact of collaborations? Are student learning outcomes being met (if applicable)? Are space and facilities adequate? Are services relevant and quality? How are business processes working?

Assessment of University Initiatives

An initiative is a strategy intended to resolve or improve an institutional challenge. Initiatives are often implemented in the form of programs. As a result, assessment strategies for university initiatives are typically a hybrid of program/department-level and institution-level assessment.

MapWorks Fall Transition Survey Presentation for First Year Students

Commitment to Humboldt and Intent to Return question analysis for first-year students from fall 2013 to fall 2017, taken in weeks 3-5 of their first semester.  Click here  for the PDF of this presentation given in March 2018.

Administrative Affairs Training on Program Evaluation

Outcomes assessment for strategic planning.  Click here for the PDF of this presentation given in Fall 2015.